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Forest bathing/shinrin yoku, Paddle canoe in Rönneå, MTB on Söderåsen, hike an old volcano, find eatable plants and pick mushrooms, make a fire, bush craft, throwing ax, archery, climb, "fika" in a tree, guided hikes through wonderful nature, mindfulness, yoga, horseback riding, work shop about breathing and stress.


You deserve to be in nature and so does your colleagues or friends, so take them out on a trip that they won't forget. A healthy event where there are no pressure and you can relax and have fun while learning something new.


For the outdoor events we are located in the heart of Skåne, Stockamöllan, Gjällabjer, Söderåsen and in these surroundings nature is at its best.


Let us know what you want and we can create an event that fits your idea.





SUP (stand up paddleboard) in Skåne, try kiteboarding or windsurfing in Råå, wakeboard, mindfullness, SUPyoga or yoga, forest bathing/shinrin yoku.


For the SUP and kitesurfing we are located in Skåne where the beaches are at its best, Råå (Helsingborg), Landskrona, Habo Ljung (Lomma).


If you want to take a course contact BORARDCLUB for more information.


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Follow along with Force of Nature on an unforgettable trip whit Boost & Balance or adYogini on a Kitesurf and Yoga retreat for body and soul.


Learn to kitesurf or/and practice yoga and mindfulness at a paradise away from your everyday life. Feel the healing power from nature with forest bathing/shinrin yoku.


Let us know what you want and we can create an event that fits your idea.








We don´t just do events, we are doing mindful outdoor events!


Business health in focus!

Throughout nature, a little stretch and a task that makes you be more present.

This will make you feel more focused on your meeting and everyday life.


Be in nature, move your body, relax your mind and eat healthy!


Choose to have just an activity to your conference or we will fix everything, and you will just enjoy!





In the morning you will arrive to Stockamöllan by buss where we jump in to the canoe. We take a stop along Rönneå to find eatable plants for our lunch and then we will continue to Djupadal in our canoes.


There after we will go by foot on the sponges through sump forests and along paths about pastures and deciduous forests. The hike offers natural recreation and extraordinary nature experiences in the form of volcanic remains and Skåne's largest Eneskog. On the old volcano Gällabjer we will make a stop to make our own coffee and then walk on to the outskirts of Röstånga. There we will camp, make a fire, cook and sleep under the stars.


The second day you can have a conference, or we can keep on hiking in beautiful Söderåsens national park, I can teach you Bush craft, more about plants. You can add yoga, and mindfulness or choose to have what we call just a stretch and a task that makes you be more present and able to be more focus on your meeting or everyday life.


There are many ways we can build your event so it will fit what you are looking for.




All the activities we offer will be outdoors in nature and are always connected to well-being and health. Then you can choose to what extent you want to use the words mindfulness, yoga and forest bathing. Instead, replace the words with stretching activities, and use the senses and do breathing exercises to increase the presence. All the activities we have, always offer relaxation, easy atmosphere and happy laughter. We never have any competitions because we believe that in nature you should be allowed to release performance and land in reality here and now, in order to get to know yourself better and be the best version of yourself. We hope then, with this new insight, that more people will start using nature to recover and to become happier and to perform well when it comes to it.


We have mindfulness in all our activities, it brings people to be their best and they are enjoying the moment. Has proven to be a lifesaver for those who want to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.


Knowing the best wild edible plants and flowers is valuable knowledge today but if you get lost, knowing these wild edibles could save your life. ;)


You will learn simple nature relaxation techniques that helps achieve peace of mind, improve mental and physical strength, reduce stress, and help get more present. Listen to the birds, the wind, feel the sun against your skin.


Bushcraft, or the art of living with nature's resources, is a wonderful way to relax and at the same time get out of its creative ways. Make your own fire and cook your own dinner outdoors.


Yoga works to relieve tension and reduce stress in both the body and the mind, and it can make you more resilient when those recurring stress triggers pop up.


The feeling of sleeping outside is amazing. It's an adventure in itself to crawl into the sleeping bag, hear the leaves rave above. Perhaps you hear birdsong out over the lake or the sound of a four-legged friend from the bushes. Only your tent with thin woven walls separates you from the rest of nature.

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