Nature Tour



Join us for a Swedish get away, into the wild in Skåne!

Be a part of a fantastic guided journey with everything from an old volcano to eatable plants! Get ready to canoe a part of a calm stream, walk over footbridges, through fir forest to an open fire and make your own dinner with 0km, eco ingredients and eatable plants. Sit around the fire and make new friends until you fall asleep under the stars in a tent. Wake up with yoga/Shinrin Yoku and hike from basecamp to the famous Nationalpark with great history from the ice age and with a breath taking beach forest, finish upp with a Swedish "fika".


Force of Nature will learn you what nature has to offer, both in what natures health effects and what eatable plants there are to eat. We will also guide both paddling, hiking on Skåneleden trail and your overnight stay in tent, so you can relax and enjoy.

You will get from point A to B for your own power, on water, over the springs, through the perennial forest, upp on the old volcano, down to the open fire and prepare food from, among other things, what nature has to offer. Sleep well under the stars and start the day with a good cup of ”kokkaffe” and a yoga/forest bathing (mindfulness in nature) session for hikers. Experience Söderåsens National Park and feel the recreation nature has to offer. Learn more about nature and nightlife, join in and create a three-course dinner over open fire, fill up with new energy and get to know new lovely friends around campfire.

Day to day itineraries

Day 1 (12 km of canoeing,  8 km hiking).

You will arrive at 8:42 to Stockamöllan a nice little village were we put down our canoes. We’ll load your luggage on to the truck and you’ll only bring your daypack with the needs for the coming  day outdoor. After an hour canoeing we will stop for a brake to enjoy ecological and local Swedish food, where you also will get to pick eatable plants and get to know more history about the place. We continuing to paddle on RönneÅ for two hours to get to Djupadal. We will hike on the famous trail Skåneleden 8 km to Force of Natures Camp were we will prepare a tree dishes course over open fire. With ingredients from nature and Force of Natures near by farm, and som ecological and near produced food. We will hang around the camp fire and make new friend til it's time to sleep under the stars or in a shared tent…

Day 2 (13 km of hiking).

We start the day at 8:00 with a yoga session for hikers and after that it will be an open fire breakfast. We will continue the hike over an old non active volcano and listen to the history it has, to tell. There we will get back to Skåneleden and follow it all the way to Skäralid with its amazing nature and view at Kopparhatten over the beach forest. You will be guided through the interesting history of Söderåsen National park. And enjoy a Swedish fika together before you leve with the bus, (If you don’t choose to sleep over and experience the National Park from the horse back och Mountain Bike the next day. Check extras to extend your stay).

All meals included. Non alcoholic drinks for all meals, and we will arrange supplements for allergies.

What's included?

Entry or admission fee

Food & drinks

All meals from lunch day 1 to afternoon fika day 2 with non alcoholic drinks.

All group gear for outdoor cooking.

Professional guide with education and first aid utilities.

Canoes and lifejaket

Tent and Sleeping mat.

Storage for your extra travel items while in the field.

Yoga / Forest bathing (forest bathing is like mindfulness in nature).


Alcoholic drinks (Sweden have very special legislation regarding alcohol),

Air plane tickets

Train and buss tickets, (remember to easily buy your ticket at the train station in the ticket machines).

Personal gears for the two days of adventure (see equipment list).

Travel cancellation insurances.

Sleeping bag, and pillow for camping.

The extras list above.

Please note

Public transportation nearby

*This trip is rated a MODERATE canoeing and hiking outdoor trip*


Extras not included in the price

Let us know what extras you are interested in and we will give you a price and book everything for you.

Extra 1 (arrival day)

There are a camping area next to the Zoo where they have ”hobbit” rooms, where you can stay over your first night before the zoo visit.

Extra 2 (day 2)

Enjoy a day at the Zoo Skånes Djurpark and see all the Scandinavian animals, moose, bear and wolf.

Extra 3 (day 2)

You will be welcomed to stay a night at beautiful and historical Höörs Gästgiveri in Höör a typical Scania town.

Extra 4 (day 2)

Fill up your stomachs with a tree dinner course at Höörs Gästgiveri.

Extra 5 (day 2)

Treat your self with a spa, or a spa treatment at Höörs Gästgivargård.

Extra 6 (day 4)

After the two day Nature Tour you could choose to stay over at Pensionat Söderåsen, where Frida and her family will meet you. You’ll sleep tight in handy and neat but shared rooms with shared bathrooms at the Pensionat Söderåsen.

Extra 7 (day 4)

Cook your own dinner on local and eco ingredients food, at Pensionat Söderåsen.

Extra 8 (day 5)

Explore the national park by horse back riding or

Extra 9 (day 5)

Mountain biking the next day.

Extra 10 (day 5)

Sleep a night at Klåveröds Hostel or Villa Söderåsen B&B before leaving next day, (day 6).

Extra 11

We can provide you with transfer if you don’t prefer to take the buss and train.

Extra 12

Rent a Sleeping bag, extra sleeping mat and pillow for camping.

Even more information

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Dates 2019

(11-12 maj. In Swedish, SOLD OUT!)

21-22 aug in English.


4295 SEK or 419 € per/person. At least 8 people need to partisicipate. Teenagers price are 359 €. 

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Private guided tour

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FORCE OF NATURE does no ordinary activities!

We make high quality, recovering nature activities for you.

We also plant a tree for each participant and leave only footprints behind us.



Event Manager. Landscape Engineer.

Kitesurf Instructor level 2.

Master in Landscape Architect outdoor environments for health and wellbeing. Certified Mindfulness Instructor & Yoga Instructor.

Contact me: 0734445830